Tuesday, 7 September 2010

News and new work

Well, its been a while since I lasted posted. I have been working away a lot since April and while its not much of an excuse I hope you will forgive me.
Since then however I have added a number of new shots to the portfolios, some from Jersey, others from Bristol where I am based, and yet more from various parts of the country as I have travelled around.

The Bristol shots will be added to over the next few weeks, with some hopefully more unusual views of the city and its architecture. I am especially pleased with the Pero's Bridge shot.
It was while out taking that shot and others in the city that it struck me what a response people have to my being out and about with the 6x7 camera. Passers by seem to ignore someone with a digital camera but often stop to chat about my Pentax. Whether its the size (you can't really miss the Pentax...its huge!) or the old fashioned look of it I don't know but people do seem drawn to it. I get quite a few photographers stop who have owned one in the past, people who wanted one, others who just want to know what it is and why I am using it rather than digital. Having it hanging around my neck or sitting up on a tripod seems to be a real conversation starter and I have met and chatted to some really interesting people while out and about. If you are one of those people, then hello! It really is nice to sit and chat over a coffee or just in between photos.

Anyway, with more time on my hands I have also updated the website and now include postage options for beyond the UK. Since quite a few of my prints get sent overseas as presents I thought it time to expand the mailing options! UK postage is still free for a single image and £1 per same size print after that.

I should be adding more images over the coming weeks so keep watching the galleries and do contact me if you have any queries.


Monday, 5 April 2010

New Stonehenge Images

Stonehenge is the subject of the newest standing stones shots to be worked on. I was lucky enough to join a group given access by English Heritage to the stones themselves early one morning at the beginning of March. Several films later...! I have slowly been working on the images and have now posted four to the Standing Stone portfolio on the website.
As henges go I have to say I prefer Avebury, its sheer scale is almost overwhelming and its a lot more enjoyable to wander around for hours than Stonehenge normally is. Having said that, once you get into the stones themselves at Stonehenge it is amazing. They are in such a compact space that you feel totally overwhelmed by the experience. With the sun still rising I took the opportunity to get some shots of strong shadows and sunbursts. This is probably my favorite, with one of the ever present Jackdaws caught on the lintel.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Avebury Stones

Finally, I had the chance to test drive the Bronica RF the other week. It only took a month of waiting, but with work and doing the stall on the weekend I dont get much opportunity to go out shooting at the moment. I did get to Avebury though on a very grey and overcast Sunday a week ago and put the Broni through its first paces. I have to say I was impressed. Its very intuitive to use, feels good in the hand but is light enough not to notice carrying it for a length of time, unlike the Pentax. The shutter is quiet but makes the strangest noise, an odd squeek that made me laugh out loud first time I used it.
Image quality is good, you notice the film grain more with the Broni than with the Pentax, its not as smooth a final image but I still quite like it.
The shot opposite is the first I have been able to finish but there will be more on the way.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ooooo New Camera!!

There is much excitement in the air here as my new Bronica RF medium format camera has arrived. Its square, its a reassuring weight, it has lovely optics and unlike the Pentax 6x7 it fits into a normal everyday bag (or a large coat pocket)!!
After much research I decided on the Bronica for its construction (being a metal body), its superb optics and its ease of handling. Its a hard thing to find though but I manged to get one through Commercial Cameras in Shropshire...thanks to the helpfull advice and knowledge of owner Paul (who despite being snowed in managed to get it to me in speedy time!). If you are looking for a secondhand camera I recommend you check them out!
Now, as more snow is falling in the city, I look forward to running the first roll of film through it and will post the images here as soon as I have it developed.
Ah the excitement...snow and a new toy!! :-)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Structure and form

As promised, the start of some of the newer images I hope to work on over the next couple of weeks. Only problem is with the snow having laid thick over Bristol and my work having shut for a day I now have three or four new films to process! The Tower is the Wills Memorial building in Bristol, a very mellow structure that glows with a gentle golden colour in the sunshine but looks more imposing in black and white. The honeysuckle arch was taken on a Woodland Trust wood back in the Autumn.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year and an overdue post

First, let me wish everyone who reads this blog or visits the website a very happy new year. Now let me apologise for the long absence in writing anything!
The end of 2009 proved to be rather more hectic than I had bargained for, with not only increased stall days and orders for the photography but also an archaeological site to look after in the week. I'm here again now though and I will endeavour to keep up to date with whats going on in 2010...honest!
With the end of Summer came the end of my work as a travelling archaeologist, which is where most of my photography comes from. I seem to find it harder to get shots around my own city of Bristol than the rest of the country but I am making a concerted effort this year in trying to get out more and add to the city portfolio. To this end I will be working on some more shots over the next week or two so watch this space! I also have a couple of interesting art shots of dead honeysuckle and coppiced wood from a wildlife trust reserve which I am hopeful of.
I will post again as soon as a have some new shots ready but for now I would like to thank all those who bought prints from me over the Xmas period. It was a successful couple of weeks and exceeded my expectations, leaving me short of prints by the end! I will be replacing those sold this week and will be back on my stall from next Saturday so do stop by and say hi. Hope to see you there!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Well, I cann't be a photographer in Bristol without taking shots of the Clifton Bridge every now and then. Its such an icon of the city though that finding a differnet viewpoint is nearly impossible. I quite like this shot though, a bit more unusual I hope. Iv'e just added a couple of bridge shots to the website, its all that I have had a chance to photograph in the last couple of weeks as i'm working away again every other week but unfortunately I have yet to visit anywhere photogenic on my travels. Still, it gives me a chance to catch up on other bits and pieces and get some more prints ready for the stall.