Monday, 12 January 2009

First post on a rainy day

What a day. Muddy does not describe it! I'm not going to do much of an introduction kind of thing for my first blog post, except to say I am an archaeologist by trade but photographer for the love of it. I work on site most of the week, run a market stall selling my photographs two days a week and hibernate on sundays. Somewhere in there I also try to find time to take the pictures...!
Today was a perfect illustration of why archaeologists are mad. Heavy rain most of the day, a clay site and time running out...recipe for a mud bath. Luckily we could work an area that wasn't strong in archaeology so no risk of ruining it by huge muddy boots tramping all over the place. Still, theres a limit to what you can do when the weather turns against you.
Time for a cuppa...hang that coat up to dry and feet up.

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