Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Pentax 6x7 tale

Its been a week since my last post and a busy one too, both for archaeology in trying to finish off part of a site and for photographic stuff.
I was still working on the website but have just about finished at last, and I have had the first films back from the Pentax 6x7 medium format camera I got over the festive break (thanks to my wonderfull other half!).
I love medium format film. Its got a depth and gentleness to it that digital lacks and while I do get a lot of enjoyment from using the Nikon D1x, film still holds a fascination for me.
The Pentax is a beast of a camera, an overgrown SLR that you cann't fail to admire. Its' heavy and the shutter sound is the loudest Iv'e ever come across but that sound is so satisfying, signaling the end of what you hope will be a good photograph. Plus taking a 6x7 negative means lots of detail and an image that the best digital SLRs would only just match.
Its true to say I have become addicted to this beautifull new brick of a camera. Though at only ten shots per film it could get to be an expensive addiction!
The Boat photograph was taken on the river Avon by Seamills station, in the late afternoon on a very frosty day earlier this month. The Fuji Provia 100 film has given a wonderfully colour saturated image that sums up the beauty of this part of the river. The vignetting was a bit of a surprise but the aperture was opened right up and in older lenses this is not uncommon. To be honest I really like the effect and will probably go on to use it deliberately.
Watch this space for more lyrical waxings on the Pentax!


  1. That's a lovely photograph. I'm jealous of your new camera!

  2. Its a wonderfull piece of film using machinery ForeverFoxed, big, heavy but a joy to use! Glad you like the photo.