Sunday, 8 February 2009

And The winner Is......

Firstly I would like to say a big thankyou to those who entered the competition, you were a small group but select!
I can honestly say that I loved every single entry, you all had a different view on the carousel and the fairground and a different way of putting that across.
From Silvermoss's and Covetables' free form poetry which was fantastic to Steampunks' darker side (a view I have to admit I rather share) there was not one entry that fell short of doing justice to this most favorite of rides.
That said there has to be a winner, and it was a difficult choice. I swayed between entries as the week went on and it was a real struggle to single one out but in the end I have to announce the winner of the signed 8"x8" print is...(drum roll)...
Majomis' entry took me back to my days of heady crushes and her lyrical style evoked such wonderfull images of growing up around funfairs and their exotic hold on us all that I had to choose her stories.
However, as everyone told such good tales, or recalled other memories for us to share (Posted with Love by Kat...great outcome to a story), or visualised such poetic images I want to send everyone who entered a 4"x4" mini print as a thankyou. Please email me your addresses and I will send them off to you as soon as I can.
For now, have a great weekend and my best wishes to you all.
Tracey x


  1. Congratulations Majomi! Both your entries were fab, so vivid, so I'm not surprised you won.

    And thank you, Tracey, for such a fab competition and being so generous with the results. Off to email you . . .

  2. Well done Majomi, and look forward to seeing more faboulous pictures from you as well Tracey!