Monday, 2 February 2009

Carousel Horses...100 views celebration prize!

To celebrate the one hundreth viewing of the image 'Carousel Horses' on my website I am giving away an 8"x8" signed print, backed onto acid free mountboard.
To win a print simply leave a comment on this blog entry that sums up Carousel rides to you, or of what the image of the painted galloping horses brings to your mind.
You can be as poetic or straightforward as you like, just tell me your feelings on this favorite fairground ride by February 8th (next Sunday) and I will pick my favorite entry.
Good luck, I look forward to reading your ideas.


  1. Smooth, still yet a riot of movement, fantasy, colour and gilt.
    The ponies flow and ebb, sticky sweet with candy floss and the scent of popcorn.
    I glide, my world a blur around me, spinning.
    To the tin and tinkling sound of of a music box.

  2. I thought I would take a peek at this photo. I actually rather like it, and im not a big fair ground fan, with a general fear and sense of nausea for anyting that moves too fast, and goes round and round. This however is calming and very well composed.

  3. Carnivals and funfairs are a huge inspiration to me, and the carousel is my favourite ride - it suggests romance and a playfulness that I think is key to any love affair. Plus, as a horse owner myself, when I was little I would ride on the carousel and pretend it was my own pony... the very real dressage horse tucked up at this minute in her stable proves that dreams really can come true.

  4. Creepy! It reminds me of the darker tales of fairgrounds, things lurking in the shadow, when the bright lights and music are turned off, what scomes out of the shadows to play?

  5. Falling in love with the boy who worked on the Waltzer at 14, wearing a cool vest and buying cherry flavoured lip gloss from the market in case he kissed me. Screaming because I wanted to go faster then seeing him snake his hand up the top of a beautiful peroxide punk girl and realising I was a big fat baby wearing her pyjama top in public then throwing up my hot dog on the floor of the ride. Still love carnival horses though.

  6. Oh! Another fair ground memory (Lord, what have you released in me?!) Really being in love with the boy who ran the hamburger stand at Dreamland in Margate when I was 16. Him walking us past the queues to get a ride first. The love letters he wrote to me when he went away to University which my Mother found and burnt because they were 'soppy and real life isn't like that'.
    His beautiful black eyes.
    His incredibly cool flat top.
    Knowing that I was hipper than the heppest cat as I got dressed in his house share with the mis-matched junk shop furniture and fairy lights.
    I can't believe I'd forgotten this (or that I'm writing about it in public.)
    I so hope my daughters have that breathe-burning-in-your-throat feeling, that I-might-faint-feeling as they realise the one they love might just love them back.

  7. I wanted to comment but I don't think anything I can say will even come close to anything that's already been said. Some fantastic pieces.

    Carousels, for me? Childhood, innocence. The idea of speed and movement, losing my senses in a spinning, dizzy, desperately short two minutes. Dreaming of horses and ponies and freedom and the sea hidden on the other side of the wall from the fairground. Just waiting.