Thursday, 5 February 2009

A snowy Bristol day

At last, it snowed in Bristol. And it was enough to grab a day off work and head up onto the downs with the cameras. When I left the house first thing nothing was running; no buses, my normal train route was cancelled, and there was much less traffic on the roads than normal. It was almost peacefull for a city!
I headed up to the Clifton Downs with the largest camera bag I own...staggering under the weight of two very large and heavy cameras, with the tiny Holga hiding in the side pocket. Its hard to say who outnumbered who up there, students, children or people with cameras!
It seems there is a trend for giant snowballs...scattered across the downs they sat like easter island statues, still and somehow menacing, as if they would suddenly roll over and flatten you. No heads, arms or other such snowman accessories, just great balls of snow (isn't there a song in that somewhere?).
However, I found there is a limit to photographing trees in the snow and escaping the fast moving objects such as sledges, dogs and small children became harder as the morning drew on so I abandoned the Downs and headed to Clifton. Finally I caught one of the rare buses that did start running back home for a cup of tea and a rest as after four hours my back was complaining about the weight of the camera bag!
I used up two rolls of film in the Pentax 6x7 though, while changing film in the cold via a frozen park bench was interesting! I'll wait to see what comes of them but for now I have just finished this shot of animal tracks taken on the Downs with the Nikon D1x.
Work again tomorrow but while the snow was there...a RandomHamster played!


  1. I adore that photograph. You may have been laden down but it was worth it for that.

    Interesting about the giant snowballs (and great image!) - I heard of one being built, wedged in place, and then a giant smiley face etched on it!

  2. Everywhere I went yesterday there seemed to be a snowball...on the downs...near the zoo...on a pavement... was quite sureal!
    Glad you like the photo Silvermoss, I must admit I am happy to have got that one. Now is the wait for my films to be developed to see what came of them!

  3. Saw Bristol on the news yesterday, full of snow. No giant snowballs though. The BBC missed a trick on that front. Look forward to seeing the developed photos!