Sunday, 1 February 2009

Waiting for snow

Its another Sunday, the only time I seem to get to update the blog, though I must try to do it more often.
Its been an odd week. Work on site has begun in another area, we are now putting sample slots through some of the Roman buildings forming part of the port town. Photography wise it has been a slow one, with no real opportunities to get out and take any shots. Thats why today I ended up doing another slightly gothic set. That was a headache, the darkness of the rook skin with the light from the candle making things interesting exposure wise!
I was also seriously considering taking on a small shop in the indoor market at St. Nicks all week. That caused some real muzzy headed confusion in the do I, don't I, stakes. In the end I decided I needed more time to build up my portfolio as well as more capital behind me. Though I will definately think about doing it in the future.
For now I am waiting and hoping that the snow forcast for across the country will eventually get as far as Bristol. I haven't had a chance to go out with the cameras in snow for ages so will be a very happy if frozen photographer if we do get any of the white stuff. Fingers crossed!

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