Saturday, 28 March 2009


What does an archaeologist do when she is out of action? Pick up a camera...or normally anyway. At the moment I am well and truly out of action having damaged the muscles in my middle back a week ago. Me being me I still went off to London for a digging job but found myself unable to do anything more than watch a machine and do paperwork, while getting grumpy with frustration!
Having now returned from London I am under orders to take it easy, so no long walks with a heavy camera. Even more annoying was the fact that I was up in Hampton Court Palace and didn't find the time to take a single shot! Grrrrrr....
As an archaeologist you learn not to take your back for granted but this was the silliest injury, not even sure how I did it, it just started getting grumpy one night after work and got steadily more annoying till a trip to the quacks was forcibly suggested by my work mates.
Now I am on ibruprofen for however long and unable to do much apart from walk around the flat being grumpy. I hope to catch up with some film scanning at least next week but for now I mostly catch up on sleep I dont get at night and bumble about the place.
So, heres a tip for anyone who spents a lot of time bent over, as told to me by the back specialist I talked to...reverse bend!!! Yep, every five or ten minutes straighten up and bend backwards a few times. Apparently its the one thing us archaeologists don't do enough of...untill now that is.


  1. Hi Tracey, such bad news about your back. Having had back trouble myself in the past I often think how strong you archaeologists must be when I see you working hard on TT! Hope it settles down soon and you can get back to some digging. Enjoyed the last episode tonight, although it sounds frustrating that more wasn't learned by the end of the dig - pretty tantalising, though!

    I'm not a great one for alternative remedies, but have you heard of Pernaton? Angie and I use the mussel gel for back pain sometimes, and it's great, especially if you're having trouble sleeping. Very cooling, soothing effect. You can get it at

    Hope you're feeling better soon. It's hard being patient when pain stops you doing what you enjoy.

    Take care. :-)

  2. ouch! Hope you're feeling back to your normal self soon!

  3. Haven't seen you on the Folksy forums for a while so I thought I'd see what you've been up to. Sorry to hear about your back. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  4. Hi Guys and thanks for your well wishes. The back is almost normal again hurra!! Another week and I will be bouncing around with any luck : )