Sunday, 8 March 2009

Realising an idea

At last. I took this photo last year while working around the ruins of a mediaeval abbey church. I used my digital camera to take loads of shots, all focusing on this wall and the old kettle that was left lying around the grounds. I was never happy with the digital shots though as they didn't capture what I 'saw'...the image as I wanted it to be. Then this week I had a load of film developed including one from my little Holga and this gem was on it. I had forgotten I took the Holga with me, I was waiting to use up the film and so hadn't processed it untill now.
Funny isn't it that the sophisticated digital camera, all bells and whistles, just couldn't capture the atmosphere I wanted yet the plastic medium format film camera with no controls managed it perfectly.
I wonder what that says for my photography. I love the old fashioned look of this shot, caught out of time in an image that could have come from any era.


  1. That's a wonderful photo. I've a few reels of film from before I swapped to digital that I've still not developed. I doubt anything as good as that is on them though!