Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Riverside ramblings and decay

Well, the backs' better. I can say so with certainty having dragged both my Nikon and Pentax cameras around Seamills yesterday in my big Billingham shoulder bag. That thing weighs a ton when loaded!
I have been working down near the river at Seamills for over a year but that was the first chance I had really had to go for a proper walk around the banks and the railway bridge with the cameras...I had the day off but popped into work to drop some bits off so thought I would make use of the time.
This time it was the Nikon that saw the most use, I had been intending to concentrate mostly on black and white images but the muted colours of the mud banks combined with the rusting iron from old steps and posts made colour the name of the day instead. I am pleased with the images from the Nikon, I concentrated on very small depths of field, throwing a lot out of focus and softening the pictures, giving a dreamy appearance. Apt for the start of a series of shots based on decay and abandonment.
Most of the things I photographed other people don't give a second glance at, but I like that. It shows everything can be something special if looked at closer.

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  1. Glad the back's better, Tracey. Striking image above, as well. My own photography's different as I tend to focus on more 'obviously' beautiful things like seascapes and flowers! But as you say, the muted colours and the rusting metal are beautiful in an unexpected way - the things most of us wouldn't notice. Great composition, too.