Sunday, 3 May 2009

Dragons over White Horse Hill

I have been working away again recently and on the last job in Oxfordshire we finished early enough to take the motorbike up to Uffington and White Horse hill.
I had taken the Pentax 6x7 with me to get some shots of the house and gardens we had been digging for the past week, but with a spare film to hand I couldn't resist the opportunity to grab some shots up on the hill.
It was very blustery, the clouds scudding across a blue sky, chasing one another towards the horizon. After wandering the hillfort and saying hello to the white horse we were on our way back to the bike to head home when I spotted these two trees, singled out against the horizon. I was about to take the shot when my other half suggested I move down the hill slightly and shoot from there. As I wandered down towards him, the cloud formation above the trees became clear and I had just enough time to shoot a single frame before they had lost form.
Its not everyday you see a dragon in the sky, especially when you consider the small hill below the white horse is called Dragons' Hill after the St. George and the dragon strory.
Ok, so you need a little imagination to see him but to us, up there on a gloriously sunny late afternoon, just before May day, it was the perfect end to a detour.


  1. It's wonderful when an unplanned trip turns a little magical - and finding a dragon in the sky is pretty magical. Wonderfully atmospheric shot - thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, Tracey. I love White Horse Hill. Took some photos there in 2007, though they're not ideal as the day was very dull and cloudy. I've posted them on Facebook, along with pics of Stonehenge and Salisbury:

    Your picture of the dragon in the sky is magical... :-)