Saturday, 11 July 2009

Standing Stones, Scotland and A lot of catching up...

Ah, I do feel guilty. Its been a couple of months since my last update and there has been so much to report but, as ever, I just never seemed to get around to actually sitting here and doing it!
Shortly after the trip to Uffington and the White Horse I travelled to the Isle of Mull, Scotland, for a weeks archaeological work. While there I took the chance to drag my Pentax 6x7 camera around with me, complete with a new wide angle lens. Needless to say that while I was working the weather for the most part was lovely. As soon as I had some time to get out with the rained. Solidly.
Its sods law of course but even the fine misty drizzle (mizzle as I call it) that settled in didn't put an end to the exploration of the Island and with trusty Pentax in tow I ventured out to take photos!
There can be few places in Britain as beautifull as the scottish isles and Mull is especially stunning. I watched a sea otter swimming in Tobermory Bay (of course when I didnt have my camera with me) and sea eagles nesting beside a lake, with the aid of the local wildlife wardens. Even in damp and less than pleasant conditions it was still a joy to wander around the Island. I would definately recommend a visit.
Add to that a couple of days spent on the way back in Cumbria visiting stone circles and haunted inns and you have a perfect time away from home...!

Since Mull I have wandered from Somerset (one ruined castle) to Durham (another castle) and points inbetween...Watch this space and the website for shots from both locations.
Inbetween working away I am desperately trying to get as many films developed and photos finished as possible. I plan a series of standing stone images to go with the 'Long Meg' photograph seen here, taken in both Cumbria and Scotland. Long Meg is fascinating, the carvings are unusuall for a standing stone in England, though I have visited several in Scotland (Kilmarten Glen is full of them). She is the largest stone in a circle, second only in size I believe to Avebury. Quite a surprise after a drive along a tiny narrow lane to suddenly find yourself in the midst of!


  1. Hi Tracey

    Great to hear about your trip to Mull. I am so jealous about the sea otter sighting; it's one of my favourite animals!

    I'd like to buy a print of one of your standing stone photos; they're amazing. I'll have a look on your site for details; if not, could you please let me know?

    It sounds like very busy but fulfilling work. Lucky you! Hope you're well, and all the best.


  2. Hi Michael,
    Good to hear from you too! The sea otter was amazing, I had never seen one before so was blown away by it. It was fairly used to people and is a regular visitor to Tobermory harbour apparently, it sat and cracked open a crab just below where I was standing overlooking the water!! Beautifull.
    So glad you like the standing stone photos, I am putting together a series of them so watch this space and the website, there will be more to come in the next couple of weeks...its just finding time to do them inbetween working away every other week!
    If you do want one then just drop me a line, via here or the website.
    Hope you are hale and hearty,
    Best wishes

  3. Thanks Tracey

    I'll keep an eye on your website, and let you know. I'm not too well again, unfortunately, but will definitely be in touch.

    Hope all's well with you, and no more back pain these days!

    All the best


  4. Hello Tracey, it's been AGES since I've seen you in the Folksy forums! Just thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing...Your trip sounds lovely!