Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year and an overdue post

First, let me wish everyone who reads this blog or visits the website a very happy new year. Now let me apologise for the long absence in writing anything!
The end of 2009 proved to be rather more hectic than I had bargained for, with not only increased stall days and orders for the photography but also an archaeological site to look after in the week. I'm here again now though and I will endeavour to keep up to date with whats going on in 2010...honest!
With the end of Summer came the end of my work as a travelling archaeologist, which is where most of my photography comes from. I seem to find it harder to get shots around my own city of Bristol than the rest of the country but I am making a concerted effort this year in trying to get out more and add to the city portfolio. To this end I will be working on some more shots over the next week or two so watch this space! I also have a couple of interesting art shots of dead honeysuckle and coppiced wood from a wildlife trust reserve which I am hopeful of.
I will post again as soon as a have some new shots ready but for now I would like to thank all those who bought prints from me over the Xmas period. It was a successful couple of weeks and exceeded my expectations, leaving me short of prints by the end! I will be replacing those sold this week and will be back on my stall from next Saturday so do stop by and say hi. Hope to see you there!

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