Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ooooo New Camera!!

There is much excitement in the air here as my new Bronica RF medium format camera has arrived. Its square, its a reassuring weight, it has lovely optics and unlike the Pentax 6x7 it fits into a normal everyday bag (or a large coat pocket)!!
After much research I decided on the Bronica for its construction (being a metal body), its superb optics and its ease of handling. Its a hard thing to find though but I manged to get one through Commercial Cameras in Shropshire...thanks to the helpfull advice and knowledge of owner Paul (who despite being snowed in managed to get it to me in speedy time!). If you are looking for a secondhand camera I recommend you check them out!
Now, as more snow is falling in the city, I look forward to running the first roll of film through it and will post the images here as soon as I have it developed.
Ah the excitement...snow and a new toy!! :-)

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