Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Avebury Stones

Finally, I had the chance to test drive the Bronica RF the other week. It only took a month of waiting, but with work and doing the stall on the weekend I dont get much opportunity to go out shooting at the moment. I did get to Avebury though on a very grey and overcast Sunday a week ago and put the Broni through its first paces. I have to say I was impressed. Its very intuitive to use, feels good in the hand but is light enough not to notice carrying it for a length of time, unlike the Pentax. The shutter is quiet but makes the strangest noise, an odd squeek that made me laugh out loud first time I used it.
Image quality is good, you notice the film grain more with the Broni than with the Pentax, its not as smooth a final image but I still quite like it.
The shot opposite is the first I have been able to finish but there will be more on the way.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the odd squeak. The first day I was using my Bronica RF645 I spent the whole time convinced it was broken. Now I am a year on and I have grown to love that funny little whine.