Monday, 5 April 2010

New Stonehenge Images

Stonehenge is the subject of the newest standing stones shots to be worked on. I was lucky enough to join a group given access by English Heritage to the stones themselves early one morning at the beginning of March. Several films later...! I have slowly been working on the images and have now posted four to the Standing Stone portfolio on the website.
As henges go I have to say I prefer Avebury, its sheer scale is almost overwhelming and its a lot more enjoyable to wander around for hours than Stonehenge normally is. Having said that, once you get into the stones themselves at Stonehenge it is amazing. They are in such a compact space that you feel totally overwhelmed by the experience. With the sun still rising I took the opportunity to get some shots of strong shadows and sunbursts. This is probably my favorite, with one of the ever present Jackdaws caught on the lintel.


  1. Hey Geoff, If you read this, its another Bronica RF shot! Sorry, I only just read your post on my Avebury shot. Its a very strange little noise isn't it? still makes me laugh when I first use it each time!! So quiet compared to my Pentax 6x7 though! How are you getting on with your Vito?

  2. Hey there,

    First roll through the Vitomatic II was a learning experience - when you're at the bottom end of the meter there really needs to be an "underexposed zone", but this isn't marked. I kind of assumed this was true, but I felt the need to test it and get through the first roll ASAP. That said the well exposed shots came out nicely. I find the color skopar lens on both the Vito CL and the Vitomatic II to be a little overly inclined to flare. Still, they're nice camera. Suspect the Bronica RF645 will still be the first choice when I walk out the door!

    Did you see my blog entry about my Granddad's Ensign Greyhound folder?

  3. Wow!!! I wish my Stonehenge photos were half this good! And what an opportunity, to get to wander amongst the stones. Like you, I prefer Avebury (apart from that bloody road!), but Stonehenge has a real presence to it, even with tourists circling it (and the roads!). Brilliant photos.