Tuesday, 7 September 2010

News and new work

Well, its been a while since I lasted posted. I have been working away a lot since April and while its not much of an excuse I hope you will forgive me.
Since then however I have added a number of new shots to the portfolios, some from Jersey, others from Bristol where I am based, and yet more from various parts of the country as I have travelled around.

The Bristol shots will be added to over the next few weeks, with some hopefully more unusual views of the city and its architecture. I am especially pleased with the Pero's Bridge shot.
It was while out taking that shot and others in the city that it struck me what a response people have to my being out and about with the 6x7 camera. Passers by seem to ignore someone with a digital camera but often stop to chat about my Pentax. Whether its the size (you can't really miss the Pentax...its huge!) or the old fashioned look of it I don't know but people do seem drawn to it. I get quite a few photographers stop who have owned one in the past, people who wanted one, others who just want to know what it is and why I am using it rather than digital. Having it hanging around my neck or sitting up on a tripod seems to be a real conversation starter and I have met and chatted to some really interesting people while out and about. If you are one of those people, then hello! It really is nice to sit and chat over a coffee or just in between photos.

Anyway, with more time on my hands I have also updated the website and now include postage options for beyond the UK. Since quite a few of my prints get sent overseas as presents I thought it time to expand the mailing options! UK postage is still free for a single image and £1 per same size print after that.

I should be adding more images over the coming weeks so keep watching the galleries and do contact me if you have any queries.